We are pleased to announce the Inaugural Conference of the Global Ophthalmic Women (GLOW) to be held June 25-26, 2022 at the Sheraton La Caleta Resort & SPA in Tenerife, Spain. GLOW will be a two-day conference designed for optometrists, ophthalmologists, and industry.

The intent of this GLOW event is to empower ophthalmic women of diverse nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and realities through education, leadership and lifestyle strategies. GLOW will bring women together from all over the globe to share their experiences and challenges of being a woman in a professional world.

Women comprise the fastest growing demographic in these professional fields. As stated in an Optometry Times article back in April 7, 2017 and referencing an article published in the AOA Focus: “The shift in our profession’s demographics toward women has been occurring gradually and will continue to grow. In 2014, women made up 38 percent of the profession and 39 percent of AOA members. Now 65 to 75 percent of optometry students are women.” And this was also echoed at a March 2019 article in the AOA Focus titled: “The Future is Women”. Therefore, by providing adequate leadership skills, mentorship, and strategies on how to succeed in the professional setting while maintaining a proper balance between adequate work and life demands, it is important that this growing demographic will be equipped to further succeed.

Given this reality, current Optometric/Ophthalmic Leaders should value and take time to nurture and develop the fastest growing demographic in these fields – this is GLOW’s goal and mission. From an industry perspective, these will be the largest and fastest growing consumer base – so taking the time to support initiatives that will empower them and help them become even more successful, which will in turn benefit the industry.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

SPONSORSHIP BOOTHS SIZE AND COSTS Three different sizes are available for the booth in the exhibit hall. To be determined by first come first serve. By choosing the size that best suits the company, sponsors will have the booth location in the exhibit hall. This a wonderful opportunity to interact with delegates during lunch and coffee breaks. Additionally, they will have and a specific number of industry delegates, which depends on the booth size. À la carte opportunities may be added to the booth (see next page for other opportunities à la carte). 

  • Basic Booth €3.500 (2 industry delegates)
  • Medium Booth €4.500 (3 industry delegates)
  • Large Booth €5.500 (4 industry delegates)

Booth level determines the position and size.

À La Carte Opportunities

Welcome Reception and Dinner on Friday Evening
Be the first to welcome our Delegates in our magical venue on the ocean. This event will include cocktails, local specialty hot and cold Hors d’oeuvres and a specially designed exhibit hall with a unique opportunity to individually showcase your company. (90 minutes).

  • Single sponsor € 9.000
  • Opportunity to share with one other sponsor € 4.500

Welcome Reception on Friday Evening
Be the first to Welcome our Delegates in our magical venue on the ocean. This event will include cocktails, canape’s and a specially designed exhibit hall with a unique opportunity to individually showcase your company. (60 minutes).

  • Single sponsor € 5.000
  • Opportunity to share with one other sponsor € 2.500

Cocktail Reception on Saturday Before the Gala Dinner
The mood is set as we gather after our first day of the program. Your company can be recognized to celebrate and join the Delegates, dressed in their finery. This is an opportunity to toast and relax before the Gala Dinner. (30 minutes).

  • Single Sponsor € 3.000

Sponsor a Table at the Saturday Evening Dinner Gala
This is unique opportunity to socialize with both Key Opinion Leaders (of your choosing) in an informal and elegant setting. Each sponsor will have a designated table (6-10) in a desirable location with their name and logo on the center of the table.

  • Local Cava will be at the table. € 800

Let’s Party! European Do it Best!
In true Euro-Style, join us after dinner for a late night disco party where the attendees will show off their talents with music, dancing and Karaoke! Many surprises in store and opportunity to celebrate our journey together in a fun and exciting party. Includes one drink per delegate with the availability of a cash bar until 2:00 am.

  • Three sponsorships available. € 2.000

Logo Projection During the Disco
During the Disco on Sunday, a unique opportunity to project your logo on the dancing floor, in the center of the ball room, and on the wall, while everyone is dancing and having fun.

  • Your logo will be projected with GLOW logo. € 1.000

Morning Sunrise Sponsorship
Fresh Squeezed Juices, Coffee, Teas and Healthy Pastry with our morning yoga, meditation or dance class. Be recognized for starting the day off with energy and good vibes. Includes Yoga mats with GLOW logo.

  • Two sponsorships available. €1.500

Special Breakfast Mimosa or Bellini (orange/peach juice + champagne) Coupon Card
Recognition for starting out the day with a BANG!

  • Three sponsorships available. € 1.800

Meeting Lunch
Be recognized as a sponsor for our el almuerzo on Saturday or Sunday.

  • Two sponsorships available. € 3.500

Coffee Break
Be recognized as a sponsor for our café to recharge between sessions.

  • Four sponsorships available. € 1.100

All Day Coffee
Be recognized as a sponsor offering non-stop espresso coffee (Nespresso machine) for those who have enjoyed their night before.

  • Two sponsorships available. € 1.000

Name Badge Lanyards
Customize the official meeting lanyards with your company logo

  • One sponsorship available. €2.000

Flyers or Gifts in Bags
Place a company information flyer in the GLOW bag or provide a gift from your company. € 500

10 minutes General Session Presentation (Elevator Pitch)
Rare opportunity to present your product to all attendees.

  • Seven sponsorships available. €2.000

Company Description
50-word company or product descriptions received by March 1, 2022 will be included in the official program booklet.

  • Please provide description in English. FREE
  • Conference can translate into other languages. € 100
Download The Sponsorship Contract